Sweeps® Hand wipes

A wipe for cleaning your hands after greasy snacks. Or for cleaning them before you eat.

Sweeps® Refreshing wipes

A wipe for hot days, for cooling down after a dash to catch the bus or for both.

Sweeps® Kids wipes

A wipe for dirty faces, hands, and bottoms.

Sweeps® Toilet seat cleaning wipes

A wipe for a clean and hygienic visit to the toilet.

Sweeps® Dashboard wipes

Wipes for a clean and shiny dashboard

Sweeps® Shoe wipes

A wipe for leather shoes that could do with a touch-up.

Sweeps® Moist toilet tissues

A wipe for a finishing touch at the end of toilet visits.

Sweeps® Facial cleaning wipes

Wipes for cleaning and caring your face

Sweeps® Glasses wipes

A wipe for scratch-free, clean lenses.