Can I use Sweeps suitable for my sensitive skin?

Sweeps wipes for use on the skin have been dermatologically tested. And fragrance-free Kids wipes are available for your child's delicate skin, 100% natural.

What are the Sweeps wipes made from?

Sweeps wipes are made from VEOCELtm, sustainable FSC wood-based fibres. This makes Sweeps wipes biodegradable, while our Moist toilet tissue wipes are even flushable. If you would like to know more about VEOCELtm, please visit their website.

I would like to stock Sweeps in my store(s). Is that possible?

Of course! Email your request to us at verkoop@sweeps.nl and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Why does the Sweeps range consist of so many different wipes and not just a single multipurpose wipe?

The Sweeps range has been put together with great care. As a result, each product has its own specific characteristics. Sweeps Hand wipes, for instance, contains a completely different liquid than Sweeps Screens & Glasses wipes. When it comes to wipes for the hands, we use a soothing liquid that cleans the hands without drying them out. On the other hand, the liquid in Sweeps Screens & Glasses wipes is specifically intended for cleaning small glass surfaces. By using a specific type and amount of liquid for every product, we make sure that optimum results are achieved in every different application.